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“Mutts with manners was such a good training program that our lab Max passed and received a certified companion certificate. We are now able to take him into nursing homes and hospitals and it is all due to Heather and Trelle's expertise. He now brings great joy and happiness to people who are without their pets and we are incredibly happy we trained with them.”  ~Nikki Pattillo, Tiki Island, TX
“Patrick, a traumatic brain injury survivor, decided he wanted a dog to share his day with.  The executive director of the Galveston Island Humane Society found the perfect dog.  Her name is Abby, however it was not always Abby.  Patrick’s speech and language pathologist assisted him in finding a name he could pronounce so that the dog would listen; and Abby was born.  Patrick and Abby were meant to be together with the exception of manners and basic obedience.  This is where Mutts with Manners came in.  Heather & Trelle came into Patrick’s home and worked with Abby teaching her basic obedience.  After two weeks, Patrick could tell Abby to “sit” and she would, along with other commands.  The most awesome part of this training was Mutts with Manners creating a picture book of the commands they had taught; Heather & Trelle knew that this would be helpful with the ongoing memory issues.  Mutts with Manners are not only knowledgeable and professional, but they are sensitive to the needs of their clients.  This is such a plus, you could not ask for more.  Mutts with Manners can be recommended for both private or group lessons; whichever you choose, they will get the job done.”  
​~Sherry Kirwin, Case Manager, Galveston, TX
“Mutts with Manners assisted me in training my Rottweiler, Max, to be obedient, have good manners, and be socialized. Max is good with children and adults, and has earned a AKC Good Canine Citizen Certificate. Trelle and Heather are wonderful trainers whom I highly recommend.” ~Mary Jo Naschke, Galveston, TX 

“I found out about Mutts with Manners from Camp Bow Wow and promptly signed up my dog for basic obedience. The class took place in the evenings at Camp Bow Wow and I could not be happier with the service that was provided. We were taught how to train our dogs to sit, stay, lay down, leave objects alone, leash walk, come, and then we taught them a special trick all through clicker training.

It's been almost four years and my dog still knows all of these commands. When I got a second dog a couple years ago I signed her up for basic obedience too, this time in Galveston. What is really fantastic about Heather and Trelle is that I can email them anytime I have an issue with one my dogs and get advice on how to correct the behavior even though my dogs are not currently enrolled in any of their classes. These ladies truly go above and beyond to help their clients.” 
~Kristi Bowling, League City, TX
“I have been a volunteer for the Galveston Island Humane Society for many years and first met Heather and Trelle during their training sessions with shelter dogs.  They donated their time and expertise to assist me with halters and training suggestions for families adopting their first dog.   When I adopted a 4 year old rescue dog last spring, I attended the first available training class offered by Mutts with Manners.  Although it was a group class, I received feedback specific to issues with my dog each session.  Willow learned all of the behaviors trained in the beginner’s class.  Heather and Trelle followed up within a month by email to address questions or concerns, and have offered ongoing assistance with training questions.  Recently, a new problem occurred with Willow.  I emailed Mutts with Manners and received helpful advice from both Heather and Trelle, which assisted me in addressing the problem.  Heather recently provided a private lesson to assist me with more advanced training needed for therapy dogs as well as some undesirable behaviors observed in the home setting.  She helped me hone in on rewarding the appropriate behaviors and set up a hierarchy for my training.  This was followed by an email outlining the goals of the 5 areas we addressed during the session.  I would definitely recommend Mutts with Manners to anyone adopting a new puppy or dog or desiring behavior changes with a current pet.  I look forward to their intermediate obedience class which addresses the skills required for the pet partners evaluation.”  ~Marte Hersey, Galveston, TX
“When my son and I wanted to take our dogs to obedience class our veterinarian recommended Mutts with Manners.  We first attended that class with our two dogs, a boxer and a blue lacy, the ladies running the class were very nice and very professional and made sure all our questions and concerns were addressed.  After we had completed the class Trelle spent a lot of time talking with me on the phone and e-mailing me regarding some issues I was having with my boxer, and we also attended a private lesson with Trelle and her dog.  At the end of 2012 we took both dogs back for the fun agility class and a great time was had by all – human and canine alike.  I would (and have) recommend Mutts With Manners to anyone who wishes to attend a class with their dog to help them learn basic manners, to help them socialize with other dogs, and/or just to have a really good time with some wonderful instructors.” 
​~Becky Hicks, Bacliff, TX 
“My dog and I attended both basic and intermediate obedience training with Mutts with Manners.  I located them on the internet, and I am so lucky to have found them.  Several years ago, I had an unpleasant experience with a dog trainer, so I wanted to find a trainer that I could feel comfortable with, and know that my dog would have a good experience, as well.  Mutts with Manners is that trainer.  They make everyone feel comfortable so that learning comes easy.  I have and will continue to recommend Mutts with Manners to anyone needing obedience training.”   ~Melissa Kiser, Galveston, TX


"Trelle and Heather volunteer their time each week at the Galveston Island Humane Society to work with adoptable dogs. Their expertise and training increases the chances that many of these dogs will find homes.  We also refer them to new owners and people who are considering surrendering their dogs due to behavior issues. Training can make a difference in a dog's life.  We are most appreciative that they are supporters of our shelter... and friends."  ~Caroline Dorsett-Pate, Executive Director, GIHS