​For dogs that have already mastered INTERMEDIATE obedience and have earned their American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen title.  Join us as we cover the topics for both the American Kennel Club's Community Canine test OR Urban Canine Good Citizen. These classes are both extensions of several basic behaviors by learning how to perform them under distracting environments, how to meet strange people and dogs, accepting grooming, exposure to various new objects, and how to tolerate separation from owner, just to name a few. The goal of AKC Urban CGC is to test the dog’s skills in an urban (city) setting.  We will administer the CGCA or CGCU evaluation at the last class session and the fee will be waived for students enrolled in the class. Please use the links to get more information on each class because although they do sound similar, they are very different. If you are interested in going on to Pet Partners, we can assist with that, too! Community Canine and Urban Canine are seasonal classes that are 6 weeks long and the cost is $200. Don't forget to fill out your registration form before class!

To earn the AKC Community Canine or Urban Canine Good Citizen title, dogs must meet the following two requirements:
1. Must already have a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) award or title on record at AKC. 
2. Must have an AKC number of one of 3 types (AKC registration number, PAL number, or AKC Canine Partners number). All dogs, including mixed breeds, can get an AKC number. The reason for the AKC number requirement is that this is how they create titles at AKC; they attach the titles to the dog's number.

For more information on getting an AKC number:


In this class, we will go a step beyond the basics in loose leash walking.  Loose leash walking does not come over night, so dedicated effort will be what facilitates this skill.  We will go over the basics, implement auto-sits when stopping, work on eye contact, and begin finding the heel position when in high traffic areas. This is a prerequisite to Leash Walking 201 where we practice loose leash walking around town right here in Galveston. Leash Walking 101 is a seasonal class that is 4 weeks and $150.

Please be aware that puppies taking classes at BoneVoyage Pet Resort must have their third set of vaccinations to include bordatella before attending.

​Please contact one of the trainers before purchasing classes online!


For dogs at least 8 weeks old or older. We will address behavior issues you and your dog are experiencing by utilizing problem solving techniques and positive reinforcement. Lessons are 1 hour minimum. We offer private lessons in Galveston at Bone Voyage Pet Resort (Harborside Drive) and the Galveston Vet Clinic (61st St) these private lessons are $105. If we come to your home in Galveston county, the cost is $125. You may purchase lessons online or pay in person (cash, check or card).  Don't forget to fill out your registration form before your first lesson!


Going out of town? Why not challenge your dog to learn something while you're away? There is a Mutts With Manners trainer at Bone Voyage Pet Resort in Galveston or we can visit your boarding facility. We can train your dog up to five behaviors one hour per day. Or maybe you want some in-depth training with specific home issues? We have several boarding facility suggestions if you need assistance choosing a great place for your dog. We strive to be flexible and can work with you for any duration of travel, frequency of travel (e.g. weekly vs. bi-weekly), and at any boarding facility on the island or the mainland. Board and Trains, regardless of location, is $105/hour. Please contact us for details on payments.  Don't forget to fill out your registration form before your dog is dropped off!


Geared towards dogs with social issues, this class covers not only socialization but also some basic obedience behaviors. The goal of this class is to turn your Reactive Rover into a more confident canine! Building confidence in a positive environment will not only be beneficial for your dog but for you, the owner! We will teach different exercises to help you recognize some stressful behaviors in Rover before they escalate and how to redirect that focus in a more productive and positive manner. Reactive Rover is seasonal class that is 4 weeks and $175.  Please contact us for potential classes.  


What is AKC Rally? You and your dog navigate a course, side-by-side, as you steer Fido through a course of 10-20 different signs. Each of these signs provides instructions regarding the next skill that is to be performed.  This is a great way to build on the basic or intermediate obedience behaviors your dog already knows. We will also have some agility equipment for your dog to work on their physical skills as well as their mental skills.  Each session is just $50.  This class will be outside and dogs will be on leash at all times. 


For dogs that have mastered basic obedience, join us as we cover the topics for both the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen test and the Pet Partners (formerly the Delta Society) evaluation. This class is an extension of several basic behaviors by learning how to perform them under distracting environments, how to meet strange people and dogs, accepting grooming, exposure to various new objects, and how to tolerate separation from owner, just to name a few. We will administer the CGC evaluation at the last class session. If you are interested in going on to Pet Partners, we can assist with that, too! Intermediate obedience is a seasonal class that is 4 weeks and $175.  Don't forget to fill out your registration form before class!


For dogs at least 12 weeks old and over. Remember, even an old dog can learn new tricks! Join us and up to ten other dogs at our training locations in Galveston. We will cover all of the primary obedience behaviors: sit, down, come, stay, off, leave it, leash walking, and also a fun trick! Group classes are a great way to socialize your dog to other dogs and people. Also, in each class we will go over grooming, feeding and health care tips.  Basic obedience class is 4 weeks for $175 and is for ANY puppy or dog.  Don't forget to fill out your registration form before class!

Class descriptions, pricing and payment links


PetSaver™ Training: This is an 8-hour all-inclusive class ideal for all pet owners, all pet care professionals and even first responders. Participants in the PetSaver class learn both Canine and Feline CPR, Emergency Restraining & Muzzling, Rescue Breathing, Choking Management, Heat & Cold Injuries, Poisoning, Bites & Stings & Snake bites, Splinting & Immobilization, Bleeding & Shock Management. Also included are safety and prevention tips, senior pet care, dental hygiene, diet, nutrition & supplements, and the Snout-to-Tail Assessments which will keep pets happy and healthy throughout their life. This class is taught via lecture, power point, demonstration and hands-on skills practice. Students will receive the 40-page PetTech PetSaver handbook and earn a two-year certificate upon completion of this class. When the unexpected happens you will be prepared to take action with confidence and skill! This is a SUPER FUN & hands-on class! Perfect for any skill level. $125  Please DO NOT bring any pets to this classCoastal Canine CPR is located on Galveston Island @ Scholes International Airport inside the main terminal offices(near Moody Gardens and Schlitterbahn). Wear comfortable clothes. Snacks & drinks allowed. Comfortable, coastal atmosphere. A therapy dog will be present for practice on most occasions.

​Get A.K.C. number


​1. No sick dogs! If your dog is showing any signs of illness, please do not bring your dog to class so that others can remain healthy. We encourage you to attend to watch and learn, so that you can take the information home and continue to work with your dog, unless you are sick, too.
2. Dogs must be on leash at all times unless specifically instructed by the trainer otherwise.
3. Please clean up after your dog. Please bring your own waste bag.
4. You will need to bring treats &/or a favorite toy to each class. Preferred treats are soft and small in size, approximately the size of a pea. The quantity of treats should be no more than a full meal.​
5. Come prepared to class. Don’t forget your leash, rewards, and waste bags.

6. If you enroll more than one dog for class, you must bring another handler for each dog.

7. Choke chains, prong collars or any other aversive tools are not allowed in our classes.


Join us in Galveston for an hour of socialization for the mutts and mingling for the humans.  Each week we’ll always have something new for the dogs to play with to wear them out. It's a great way to exercise your dog, talk to trainers, and meet some fellow dog owners! Cost is $10 for 1 class or $50 for 6 weeks.  Class size is limited, so sign up early to reserve your spot. Multi-dog discounts are available. Check our calendar for dates and times. You may purchase this online or pay in person.


This is a 4 week class that focuses solely on leash walking in the real world. This class builds off of skills mastered in Leash Walking 101. Leash walking is a skill that needs continual practice. If you find your dog lacking in this skill, this class may be just what you both need! We will meet at a new location each week and work on polishing up those loose leash walking skills in real world scenarios - around new people, strange noises, and other dogs. Leash Walking 201 is 4 weeks and $150.


The AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy is an exciting new program designed to get dog owners and their puppies off to a good start. The AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program is an incentive program for loving dog owners who have taken the time to take their puppies through a basic training class. Training classes teach you how to best communicate with your puppy. Organized training classes also provide an opportunity for your dog to socialize with other dogs. In classes aimed at earning the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy distinction, you'll be able to get information on all of your puppy-raising questions including housetraining, chewing, and the most effective way to teach practical skills such as coming when called. AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy training is a natural lead in to the AKC® Canine Good Citizen® Program. You'll attend any puppy or basic training class at least 6 weeks. Your instructor will administer the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy test at the end of the course. Upon passing the test, you'll get an application to send to AKC® for enrollment in the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program. All dogs are welcome to participate in the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program including purebreds and mixed breeds. This class is 6 weeks and is $200.00. The S.T.A.R. Puppy exam will be held after the last class and the fee is included in the price of the class.  Don't forget to fill out your registration form before class!


Does Fido dash right out of the front door when you open it to greet visitors or just to check the mail? Does he understand barriers to the car, yards or any door for that matter?  In this class we will teach Fido not to bolt through doorways, dash through gates, and to stay in cars until invited out.  We will also work on invisible boundaries for areas such as the kitchen. Doggie Door Dashers is a seasonal class that is 4 weeks and $150. You may purchase this class online or pay in person.



 ​In this class we will target a choice behavior that can be difficult to perfect.  We will break this behavior down into tiny steps that Fido will be successful at and add distractions in slowly.  A reliable recall is one of the most important behaviors for Fido to master, and can also save his life. This is a seasonal class that is 4 weeks and $150. You may purchase this class online or pay in person.


We are excited to offer a NEW concept to basic obedience training! This option is available for all potential and current clients. Is there a behavior offered in our basic obedience class (see above) that you feel needs some extra work? You don't need to attend the entire basic obedience class. Open enrollment will allow you to attend any class and work on the specific behavior you need. This open enrollment is meant to be flexible for the owner to target a specific behavior under the guidance of a trainer. This option is available during any of our basic obedience class sessions. Each session is $50.




Certain instances may arise where attending a group class or private lesson is just not convenient for you or your pup. We are able to offer you a private telephone consultation to get you and your furry friend started on a training program to correct those unwanted behaviors before they become a serious problem. Consultations come in several packages depending on your needs and where you are at training wise; you can select which best suits your needs. 

The initial consultation will be 60 minutes for $75.00. Follow up consultations can be 30 minutes for $45.00, 45 minutes for $60.00 and 60 minutes for $75.00. Included in this plan is a detailed email outlining your training plan and the goals to focus on which will be sent after the first initial phone consult. Also included are two text messages in between for ongoing support or troubleshooting if needed in between sessions.  You decide how many sessions you need and with your trainer decide how to best direct your training to meet your goals. 


 AKC Scent Work is a NEW class! Scent Work celebrates the joy of sniffing, and asks a dog to sniff to their heart’s content; turning your dog’s favorite activity into a rewarding game. It is a terrific sport for all kinds of dogs, and is a wonderful way to build confidence in a shy dog. In AKC Scent Work, dogs search for cotton swabs saturated with the essential oils of Birch, Anise, Clove, and Cypress. The cotton swabs are hidden out of sight in a pre-determined search area, and the dog has to find them. Teamwork is necessary: when the dog finds the scent, he has to communicate the find to the handler. You will learn the basics of scent theory, how to teach your dog how to learn scent work, how to teach an alert, and have fun! You can sign up for a single session or a full four-week class. Each session is just $25.


All classes require a non-refundable deposit of $30; balance is due on the first day of class or upon completion of a private lesson. Your deposit guarantees your spot in class or that a trainer will show up for your private lesson. You may pay with cash, check or credit.

Cancellation Policy- A $30 non-refundable deposit is required on our services. You may reschedule your appointment without penalty (having to repay a $30 non-refundable deposit) if you contact us at least 1 hour before your scheduled appointment. To reschedule your appointment or class less than 1 hour before your schedules time, an additional $30 non-refundable deposit will be required.
For clients that pay in full for an appointment or class ahead of time: no shows, contacting us to cancel an appointment or class , or contacting us to reschedule an appointment or class, see the refund policy below.

Refund Policy- A refund on services is only available when requested in writing. You can call requesting a refund but we will only honor requests submitted in writing (text or email or mail). Only the balance on services is eligible for a refund, not the full amount paid (deposit + balance). From 1 hour prior to the start of the appointment or class until 6 days following, we will issue a 75% refund on the balance. From day 7 to day 30 we will issue a 50% refund on the balance. No refunds on services after 30 days of the original appointment or class.